Forming Disciples by Amber 1.png

We grow as disciples in our relationship with Christ through...

  • Spiritual Life: We nurture our Spiritual life through Bible study, prayer, discussions, and small groups. 
  • Giving: Providing crucial financial support to our parish and its ministries is part of how we express our commitment to this community of faith.
  • Outreach: With God's help, we shape a community and world in which fewer people are powerless, vulnerable, hopeless, lonely and unloved.
  • Children and Youth: Our process of lifelong formation begins at birth. Trinity is dedicated to providing quality worship, education that begin the lifelong process of spiritual formation.

In the season of Lent 2018 Trinity is participating in The Good Book Club! For more information and to see resources, click here.

All are welcome! For more information on joining us, please email the church office.